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When you've been in business as long as we have and faced technology's increasingly rapid developments, you learn a few things. Or, in our case, more than a few. We not only have simple, ready-to-implement solutions for almost every problem, we have the patents for them, too. And, if you bring us something new, our engineers would love to work with you to find the solution.



Zinsco Panels  are pretty much obsolete today, in fact many electrical supply stores refuse to sell replacing parts, but were also very common years ago. Many of these electrical panels have worked fin in the past, but modern homes use much more electricity because of incresed technology and more electrical appliances ..............which can cause the ZINSCO panels to overheat and cause fire or shock hazards.


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When we see companies say things like "a century of collective experience," we all look around and laugh. We can count pretty high, but not high enough to tally the years of experience we have managing job sites of every size.


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We remember the old days of black gold like few others. We've seen and been part of every incremental advance of getting the stuff out of the ground – from the first rigs to the most sophisticated underwater solutions of today.


  Electric Panels

 Today's society depends more than ever on electricity. Everything seems to be electronic. Its extremely prevelent in homes now. Most people have at least one computer, several televisions, a stereo system, cell phones, clock radios, bathroom accesories, AC system, wall heaters, and heavy duty appliances in the kitchen alone. Fridge, microwave, dishwasher,  trash compactor, garbage disposal, stove top with exhaust hood plus counter appliances. All these devices require electricity to function.
More than half the homes today were constructed before the 1970's, according to the U.S Census Bureau. That means more than half were built decades before many of these modern, electronic conveniences even were invented. Most of these older homes possessed no more than 60Amp electrical service. Today, homes should have at least 150Amps.
These facts point to a problem -  older homes, unless their electrical system has been upgraded, are being overburdened. This is manifested with excessive heat building up, arcing, burnt bus bars and flickering lights. These outdated electric systems and panels cannot safely handle the demands of today's society. This is manifested with excessive heat building up, arcing burnt bus bars and lights flickering.  

Bulldog or Bulldog- Pushmatic electrical panels use a unique, propritary type of circuit breaker called "Pushmatic". Bulldog panel with Pushmatic breakers indicate an older system that is no longer manufactured, makeing replacement parts difficult or expensive to find. There appear to be two major problems with Pushmatic Breakers.

1) Bulldog circuit breakers use a solely -thermal breaker design ( they have no internal magnetic trip mechanism) - what means to consumers is that the circuit breaker lacks one of the mechanisms used by newer equipment to increase the probability that the breaker will trip OFF when it should to protect the building from a fire - it may be therefore less inherently safe and reliable than other designs.

2) Bulldog circuit breakers are "grease fed" - if the circuit breaker is not not used (exercised) and serviced regularly they become stiff and difficult to operate or reset. (which can in turn also may not trip).  Opinions of electrical professionals vary on the need to replace or upgrade the electrical  panel.

Suggest that home owner / home inspector call for an experienced electrician to shut power down at the electrical panel, inspect and check the contacts for rust and corrosion, an proper bus - bar contact.

Our profesional opinion at Prompt Electric  is that the internal parts of the breaker are unreliable and it may fail to trip in response to over-current.

Bulldog & ITE


Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) manufactured circuit breakers beginning in the 1950's until some time in the 1980's. Even though millions of these Federal Pacific Breakers were installed in homes across the country, electricians and inspectors found that they did not provide adequate protection for the electrical service. It goes with out saying that not all of these units have caused problems, but when they do overheat or short circuit, they can become fire hazards.
There was a class action lawsuit in which a New Jersey State Court ruled that FPE violated the Consumer Fraud Act because FPE knowingly and purposely distributed circuit breakers that weren't tested to meet UIL Standards. There are several online articles that allow you to educate yourself about these and other breakers that may create hazardous conditions for the homeowner.
When  a breaker fails to trip, there is a great deal of power coming from the outside currents and surges that flow into your home panel and circuits. This power cannot be turned off once it flows through the lines. Electricity keeps flowing until it has exhausted itself or the wires become melted. The Electrical Panel can overheat and cause a fire. At that point, it is too late and can cause much property damage, or worst yet, loss of life.

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